Local music spotlight: Slow Descent

slow des

The North-West band Slow Descent have recently won the Foster a Band competition, held by The Advocate, that will let them perform against other bands across the state for the chance to play at this year’s Falls Festival. Slow Descent defeated the Penguin-Ulverstone situated band Kingfall Official for the paid slot at the Marion Bay festival.

Slow Descent have reinvigorated themselves with a new direction of pop-punk music based of a single riff from their guitarist; a throwback to their high-school days of heavy metal music. Lead drummer Brogan Walker explained that heavy metal music can be very exhausting due to the genre’s technicality but pop-punk is more about just playing and enjoying the music itself.

The acts that garner the three highest numbers of votes will secure themselves a paid slot at Falls Festival line-up. Voting is not yet open for the next stage.

Here is a link to their song, Fourth Floor

For more information visit:


Jakob Barrett

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