New technology to boost local economy and job sector

The North West coast looks set to see more prosperous employment opportunities and revenue results soon as a Wynyard based mining company has just received federal funding in the form of a new technology grant.

Haulmax, the mining equipment and vehicle manufacturer, last week received a $3 million grant to help fund the design and development of two new ‘Mobile Explosive Units.’

While this funding boost is certainly going to help the company, Haulmax Managing Director Kelly Elphinstone believes it will also be a significant boost to the local economy and job sector.

“Under the current project, as it stands today, we’re looking at between an extra 20 and 40 positions,” she said recently.

“Obviously if we do a good job, the end goal is to secure a longer-term supply contract, which will hopefully eventuate in significantly more quantities of these units being produced out of Burnie on a yearly basis.

“If that does eventuate, we’re probably looking at anywhere from 60 to 80 positions.”

The unemployment issue has been a pressing one for Tasmania and has hit hard on the North West, so these numbers speak very positively for the coming months and if successful, the coming years.

But it’s not just direct employment that looks set to benefit, Haulmax also relies upon local businesses for both outsourcing and general services. The boost in employment to Haulmax would also likely encourage new positions as need arises for these businesses.

Ms Elphinstone describes this as a ‘flow on effect.’
“It’s absolutely beneficial for our local supply chain,” she said.

“When we’re able to attract opportunities like this, we grab them with both hands and see where we can take them because the flow-on effects for the rest of the community is substantial.

“They say for every one direct job, three indirect jobs are created so if we’re looking at 20 direct jobs, you know, that’s another 60 positions out in the community.”

What do you think of this news? Does the prospect of new mining jobs and opportunities excite you?


Keagan Belbin

$100 million boost to tackle domestic violence

The Turnbull government has recently announced it would channel $15 million into 12 areas across the country with the highest rates of domestic violence. The North-West Coast of Tasmania is one of the 12 at-risk areas. This funding is part of the $100 million Women’s Safety Package as announced by Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull last week. Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman said, “I applaud the Federal Government’s $100 million package to tackle family violence. This major investment complements the Tasmanian Government’s nation leading ‘Safe Home, Safe Families’ released last month.”

Federal Member for Braddon, Brett Whitely has also stated, “The services will be set up in areas with high reported levels of domestic violence by existing legal assistance providers who have a proven track record of providing services to women experiencing domestic violence… Clearly, society has failed women and children that have suffered at the hands of a violent partner. We must do more and do it quickly, but this is a good start.”

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline free call number: 1800 007 339

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline free call number: 1800 000 599

Jakob Barrett