Review: I Am Zombie

I am Zombie 2

I Am Zombie is the latest offering from legendary game designer Mark Rein•Hagen and his new studio, Make Believe Games. It is an innovative tabletop roleplaying game that puts the player in the role of one the Toxic, a group of intelligent zombies. Mark Rein•Hagen is best known for his groundbreaking World of Darkness games that brought to life (or unlife in some cases) genre defining modern takes on classic dark archetypes like Vampires, Werewolves and Spirits.

The game comes in two parts. The Field Guide is written from within the world by the mysterious Purgatory Press. It introduces you to Toxic society with a sexy “come-hither” look and then a slap to the face with the brutality of your new situation. The glorious, stunning art from Mark Kelly resonates throughout the entire book. The second component, the Player Kit, contains the gorgeous ID cards, chips, dice and character journal – everything you need to play the game.

I Am Zombie channels the feel of a 1970s Grindhouse film with government agents, sex, hot cars and savage chainsaw violence. The Toxic lurk in the dark, grimy places of our world and their own underground settlements beneath the thriving hustle and bustle of the Breather cities.  

The Axiom system powering I Am Zombie is a series of rules that combines dice, cards and tokens to create amazing stories filled with action and drama. Character creation is simple, just pick 5 cards and you’re ready to go. As your character develops you add more cards, which in turn gives you access to new skills, tricks and even powers. It is worth noting the first Axiom (golden rule) asks you to make the game your own; only use the rules you find necessary to tell the best possible stories and have the most fun with your group. It is this level of flexibility and customization that makes the game versatile to all types of players. This degree of ownership made me feel invested in the system. 

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I am Zombie is the first game in the new ANØMALY line and is to be followed by Xenofactor, where you are a clandestine agent of the Aliens (Men In Black? Count me in). Overall, Mark and the team at Make Believe Games have delivered a beautiful product, an innovative system, an amazing experience and a fresh take on the Zombie genre.  

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– Keagan Belbin