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If someone had to describe the City of Devonport, the word spirit is thrown around a lot. Many think of the big red powerhouse, a driving force for tourism in Tasmania. However, if someone asks me about the spirit of Devonport I think of other things.

I recall the words ‘this laneway is yours’. I remember a conversation with a disabled artist willing to donate his sales to help the youth of this city. I think of the many young people I have met and mentored – their dreams, their struggles and resolve. I marvel at the support of the local businesses willing to get behind initiatives to help the youth, the disadvantaged and the challenged. I admire the courage of our young footballers taking the field each week. I look at the growing shape of the living city project. Most of all, I remember being moved by a piece of street art that says ‘I want to help Tasmania’.

There are so many examples of spirit in this beautiful city, not just the big red boat. This blog is a project begun by some of the local young writers and artists from my Rising Phoenix Studios. They wanted voice and a place to write about community, art, events, sport, games and their home town.

This blog belongs to the young people of Devonport. If you have something to say, submit a piece to us. If you have some great photos, send them in. If you know of a good cause or upcoming event, we want to hear about it.

You can reach us at: media@risingphoenixstudios.org

So welcome to Spirited Devonport. We are happy to have you with us.

Nathan Tucker,

Rising Phoenix Studios Director

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