Review: I Am Zombie

I am Zombie 2

I Am Zombie is the latest offering from legendary game designer Mark Rein•Hagen and his new studio, Make Believe Games. It is an innovative tabletop roleplaying game that puts the player in the role of one the Toxic, a group of intelligent zombies. Mark Rein•Hagen is best known for his groundbreaking World of Darkness games that brought to life (or unlife in some cases) genre defining modern takes on classic dark archetypes like Vampires, Werewolves and Spirits.

The game comes in two parts. The Field Guide is written from within the world by the mysterious Purgatory Press. It introduces you to Toxic society with a sexy “come-hither” look and then a slap to the face with the brutality of your new situation. The glorious, stunning art from Mark Kelly resonates throughout the entire book. The second component, the Player Kit, contains the gorgeous ID cards, chips, dice and character journal – everything you need to play the game.

I Am Zombie channels the feel of a 1970s Grindhouse film with government agents, sex, hot cars and savage chainsaw violence. The Toxic lurk in the dark, grimy places of our world and their own underground settlements beneath the thriving hustle and bustle of the Breather cities.  

The Axiom system powering I Am Zombie is a series of rules that combines dice, cards and tokens to create amazing stories filled with action and drama. Character creation is simple, just pick 5 cards and you’re ready to go. As your character develops you add more cards, which in turn gives you access to new skills, tricks and even powers. It is worth noting the first Axiom (golden rule) asks you to make the game your own; only use the rules you find necessary to tell the best possible stories and have the most fun with your group. It is this level of flexibility and customization that makes the game versatile to all types of players. This degree of ownership made me feel invested in the system. 

I am zombie play


I am Zombie is the first game in the new ANØMALY line and is to be followed by Xenofactor, where you are a clandestine agent of the Aliens (Men In Black? Count me in). Overall, Mark and the team at Make Believe Games have delivered a beautiful product, an innovative system, an amazing experience and a fresh take on the Zombie genre.  

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– Keagan Belbin

Heritage Farming Weekend

The Historical Machinery Club Tasmania is holding their biennial Sassafras Heritage Farming Weekend soon.

The weekend is set to be a fun and informative filled time, with many events on offer including but not limited to:

-Potato Harvesting info sessions

-A Fergie Tractor Display

-Steam Display

-Stone Crushing

-Sheep Shearing

-And everything from Vintage Tractors to Vintage Cars and a Miniature Railway.

There will also be a Craft Display and live music
from Rino and Jade along with Tania Kernaghan, so there is sure to be something for the whole family.

The event will be held from Friday the 26th of February to the 28th,
with gates opening at 9:00 am, on 7738 Bass Highway, Sassafras, Latrobe.

Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for children.

For more information, please visit:

Red Racing Hood


The Terrapin Puppet Theatre has an exciting new show coming up next week.
Red Racing Hood combines footage of real racecars with a large model racetrack, bringing the effect of being a part of the race action, to the audience watching the screen.

This unique retelling of a classic tale is open to all ages and will be presented at the Burnie Arts and Function centre on Tuesday the 6th of October at 7:00 pm.

For tickets and details go to:

Keagan Belbin

Local music spotlight: Slow Descent

slow des

The North-West band Slow Descent have recently won the Foster a Band competition, held by The Advocate, that will let them perform against other bands across the state for the chance to play at this year’s Falls Festival. Slow Descent defeated the Penguin-Ulverstone situated band Kingfall Official for the paid slot at the Marion Bay festival.

Slow Descent have reinvigorated themselves with a new direction of pop-punk music based of a single riff from their guitarist; a throwback to their high-school days of heavy metal music. Lead drummer Brogan Walker explained that heavy metal music can be very exhausting due to the genre’s technicality but pop-punk is more about just playing and enjoying the music itself.

The acts that garner the three highest numbers of votes will secure themselves a paid slot at Falls Festival line-up. Voting is not yet open for the next stage.

Here is a link to their song, Fourth Floor

For more information visit:

Jakob Barrett

Wynyard medieval festival


The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar will be hosting a weekend long event on the 26th to 27th of September, that will play host to medieval fantasies and ye olde merry making.

Displays of sword skills, jousting and archery including Horseback Archery, fresh from the USA tournaments are the big focus this year.

Other events include:  a Medieval dress competition, the classic Tug-O-War, belly dancing,  games for the little ones, food and shopping stalls, a bar for weary revelers, even camping and musical entertainment on Saturday night. There will be something to suit the whole family.

Festival gates open 9:00 am at Lyons Park, Wynyard.

Keagan Belbin

Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour

Premiering on October 17th at the Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre is the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase. The Showcase travels across Australia to share the hilarity and wonders of some of the best comedians. Featured performers for the tour include Mike Goldstein from the USA, Tien Tran, Becky Lucas, and Ray Badran.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at or the DECC page

Jakob Barrett

Intro Guide to Netflix

Netflix is a wonderful online service that I recommend for anyone bored of standard television. It is an online service available for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and your computer. An online subscription fee is needed to access its service. The lowest price available is $8.99 a month. This plan allows streaming at Standard Definition on only one screen at a time. This plan is perfect if you live alone or only have one device on which to watch Netflix. The second plan is $11.99 a month. This plan allows streaming on two devices simultaneously with High Definition quality available if your network is strong enough to allow. This plan is excellent if you want to share the account with a friend or someone else in your household. The final service is offered at $14.99. This plan allows four simultaneous viewing sessions with High Definition and Ultra High Definition if your internet connection allows that quality of streaming. This plan is good for families with varying interests in their movies and shows.

The first month of Netflix is free regardless of what plan you choose and the billing period is usually on the last day of each month, with the price dependant on what plan has been chosen. As for the issue of data and bandwidth on your internet connection, a Standard Definition stream will use approximately one gigabyte (1 GB) of data per hour of viewing whereas the High Definition will use approximately three gigabytes (3 GB) of data per hour. Ultra High Definition can use up to seven gigabytes (7 GB) per hour. This can be costly if you have a capped internet plan or slow speeds. Not so much of an issue for those with unlimited plans but the bandwidth issue can cut into the speeds of your internet instead. Several ISPs also offer unmetered streaming.

There are ways around the amount of data Netflix uses in its stream. Adjusting the settings in your account so the quality of the stream is lower can vastly change how much data is used per hour. Low quality streams use only 0.3 GB per hour for example, but the quality is not overly terrific.

Streaming to mobile devices is as simple as downloading the Netflix app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS devices. The quality of the stream on mobile devices is dependent on the network to which you are connected, so if you’re using a public network don’t expect anything great in terms of video quality.

Jakob Barrett

WotOpera (September 14th)

WotOpera is a unique upcoming event:  a series of four operas, written as a collaboration between four Tasmanian schools (Parklands, Reece, Sheffield and Yolla District High Schools) by over sixty students.

The students wrote their own stories, composed the music and constructed sets, with combined work taking just twenty one hours in total.

The event will be held at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre on the 14th of September at 7:00 pm.  For ticketing details or more information visit:

Keagan Belbin